Barbados, also referred to as “Bim”, is breathtaking premier vacation spot, located in the Eastern Caribbean, between the majestic Atlantic Sea and the calm Caribbean Sea.

Internationally known as “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”, this small island oasis offers a robust and exceptional island experience like no other. Be it day or night, north or south, east or west, and even in between; Barbados has something special for you to experience.

See below for an exciting checklist for you to follow on your trip here, so that you could touch all points of the beautiful island.

Northern Views

Animal Flower Cave

Enjoy swimming inside the picturesque cave, while enjoying views of the Atlantic Ocean. The venue also serves lunch from 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. so you can opt to be there for the entire day!

St. Nicholas Abbey

Tour one of the three remaining genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere. You will learn quite a lot about this historical site, and all about local rum and its makings.

Fun Fact: The old plantation house recently added a Railway feature to its tour itinerary. What better way to circuit the expansive site than via a spanxious steam locomotive!

Western Discoveries

Folkestone Marine Park and Museum

Take a trip to this popular site for all things ‘life underwater’. Consider this a beach day with a twist. Not only can you lounge on the white sandy beaches with the Caribbean Sea at your feet, but you can also tour the crystal blue waters via a glass-bottom boat or catamaran excursion.  You can also choose to snorkel/ scuba dive to grab an up close view of sunken ships, coral reefs, marine life, and….SWIM WITH TURTLES! For art enthusiasts, don’t forget to visit the marine museum to see the aquarium, photographic display of life underwater, and other art pieces.


*Phew*, bout time!! We officially get to food! Zaccios is a quaint sea-view restaurant in the heart of Holetown, the island’s first settlement town.  The wide variety of local and international dishes are quite delicious, but the pizza is to die for!

Red Door Lounge

Yes, we have invigorating nightlife as well. Visit this hotspot on the weekend (Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday) for pure party vibes. It is the premiere nightlife hideaway on the island.  You may even get a glimpse of our home-girl and international pop superstar, Rhianna. So smile for the camera!

Eastern Wonders

The Village Bar – Lemon Arbour

Saturday afternoon with nowhere to go? Head to Lemon Arbour in St. John. Overlooking the countryside, this popular hang-out spot is a must do on Saturday afternoon and into the evening. Meet and mingle with locals, and enjoy local cuisine and zestful music. The atmosphere is one you do not want to miss!

Island Safari – Adventure Tour

Buckle in and book a hair-raising Island Safari to cover the entire East Coast on one exciting, bumpy ride. This non-stop fun expedition blends sightseeing, adventure, and unforgettable exploration on a mainly off-road tour. Get the best of striking scenic views, flora and fauna, and enchanting un-spoilt beauty of the island!

Southern Vibes

The Boatyard

Yes, another beach day on the land of sun, sea and sand ^.^  Pack your beach bag for an exciting day at the Boatyard, the island’s premier beach bar. Located on one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the island, the venue features water sports, fun atmosphere, and a variety of local food and drinks. Be entertained by the ocean trampoline, pool table, and rope swing, just to name a few. The vibrant bar and lively music also add to the uniqueness of this hotspot.

St. Lawrence Gap

This strip of restaurants and clubs allows persons to enjoy the best of both worlds…food and parties! The Gap, as locals refer to it, features casual to fine dining restaurants. Be sure to book a table in advance because they get full fast. It also features vibrant bars and nightclubs, sometimes with themed parties.  After the party, try the world-famous Gap Burger located on the street curb just out-front the night clubs. I bet you can’t eat just one.

Central Novelties

Harrison’s Cave and Welchman Hall Gully

You just have to do both! Located in the heart of the island, Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’ greatest wonders. The massive underground cave stream features crystalline limestone, deep pools of clear water, and nature’s stunning art forms. You can book an eco-tour for more adventure.

It would be most exciting to then visit Welchman Hall Gully, what once was a series of caves until their roofs collapsed. The astonishing site later transformed from an empty cavernous ravine to an exquisite gully, featuring wild monkeys, and over 150 species of majestic rainforest trees and delicate native plants – including nutmeg, bamboo and palms.

Batik Studio

Get more hands-on in Barbados by visiting this studio of art. Henderson, well known for his fresh and cherry batik creations, has been requested by many to do workshops. Under his tutelage, learn how to produce batik prints, and create one that can be framed for your home.

Print this list and check each item off as you go, when you visit this hot vacation spot – Barbados!